About us

Dietitian Dr Rimsha Amir – CEO of Eat Without Guilt

Leading the EWG team is our highly skilled and dedicated CEO, Dietitian Rimsha Amir. Rimsha is a registered dietitian with extensive experience in the field of nutrition. Her unwavering passion for empowering individuals to make healthful choices sets the foundation for EWG’s success.

By providing exceptional and healthy nutritional plans, Dietitian Rimsha Amir motivates people to manage healthy routines. With extensive years of experience, Rimsha Amir is dedicated to helping people who are facing issues regarding their health with effective nutritional plans. The primary goal and aim of Dietitian Rimsha Amir is to guide people about reaching their health goals by managing a healthy eating routine.

She provides a healthy and balanced nutritional approach to allow people who want to follow customized daily intake plans. She also conducts several meetings, seminars, and motivational speeches to inspire people about the value of following a holistic nutritional approach!

Founder and CEO of Eat Without Guilt – Dietitian Rimsha Amir motivates people with her empathetic and lifestyle upgrading plans for everyone, including pregnant women, adults, and men. Her vision is to build up a healthier society. She sets the strong foundation of Eat Without Guilt by making healthy choices for people through nutritional diet plans.

She believed that optimizing your body’s health through nutrition is the most productive and effective way to enhance your longevity. With her dedication and skills, she has been recognized among the leading and certified Dietitians around the world.

Rimsha’s expertise extends beyond traditional nutrition practices.

She has worked closely with numerous renowned celebrities and social media influencers, helping them attain their health and wellness objectives. Through media interviews and appearances on esteemed platforms such as PYTS Live show and RTP Live show, she has shared her wisdom and helped millions embark on their own health journeys.

Her ability to understand the unique needs and challenges of her clients has made her a trusted and sought-after professional in the industry.

Her goal is to assist individuals in reaching their health and wellness goals through a holistic and balanced approach. She believes that the key to optimal well-being lies in the synergy between nourishing the body and nurturing the mind.
Rimsha’s dedication to her clients’ success is exemplified through her continuous professional development and engagement in the nutrition community. Her expertise is highly regarded, and she has been recognized as an internationally certified dietitian and nutrition communicator.