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What is The Most Successful Way to Lose Weight Fast?

What is the most successful way to lose weight fast

Are you worried about your belly fat? Well! Many dietitians, supplements and meals claim to lose weight. But these are scientifically not proven. However, there may be some ways that are proven by science. All these are effective in losing or maintaining your weight.

Are you curious to know what strategies are effective to lose belly fat? These include proper calorie intake, exercise, fasting and less use of carbohydrates.

To learn more strategies and effective ways, read the expert dietitian Rimsha Amir’s guide about the most successful and effective way to lose belly fat.

Check Out the Effective Ways to Lose Weight Rapidly

1.      Tracking your diet and exercise

Losing weight is not an overnight game. You have to be patient and follow your diet and exercise. Ensure that you know what you are eating and drinking. If you are serious about losing belly fat, then follow effective weight loss program for belly fat by Eat Without Guilt, an expert dietitian and fitness expert.

According to experts, keeping track of diet and exercise is crucial. It enhances behavioural changes and improves motivation. The experts will guide you about cutting off extra fat consumption and tracking your diet plan according to the program. So, use a pedometer as the weight loss program and track your physical activities.

2.      Eating mindfully

Mindful eating is about paying attention to where and how to eat food. With this practice, you can enjoy eating. Other than this, it will help to reduce your weight.

As some people are much busier in their lives. So they eat quickly either in the car, at a work desk or while watching TV. This is why they are rarely aware of the food they are eating.

Some techniques are helpful in mindful eating:

  • Ensure to sit around the table and pay attention to your food.
  • Never use a mobile or watch TV while eating.
  • Never eat quickly while eating slowly. Take your time to chew the food completely.

All these techniques offer the signal to the brain that now you are full. This way, you can prevent yourself from over-eating.

3.      Cutting back on sugar and refined carbohydrates

Some people prefer a Western diet rich in sugar, which then leads to obesity. Carbohydrates are not only present in food but also in beverages.

Refined grains are processed to cut germs and brans. These grains include white bread, pasta and white rice.

These foods are easy to digest and can be converted to glucose. As a result, an extra amount of glucose enters the blood. It then activates insulin to store fat in the adipose tissue. As a result, it becomes the reason for weight gain.

So people should use some swaps such as:

  • Use whole-grain rice and bread rather than white
  • Excess use of nuts, seeds and fruits rather than sugar snacks
  • Smoothies with milk rather than fruit juices
  • Herbal tea rather than sugar soda

4.      Eating plenty of fibre

Dietary fibres are slightly difficult to digest. So, eating plenty of fibre leads to a feeling of fullness. It then helps to reduce weight.

Some foods rich in fibre are:

  • Vegetable and fruits
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Peas, beans and pulses
  • Whole grains, whole wheat pasta, barley, oats and more

5.      Balancing gut bacteria

Research has been done on the bacterial role in the gut to manage weight. The human gut is the home to many microorganisms, including 39 trillion bacteria.

The bacterial type in guts varies from person to person. Some bacteria types boost the energy in the body, which then leads to weight gain.

You may use some foods to increase the presence of good bacteria in the gut.

These include:

·         A wide variety of plants:

Ensure that you use fruits, grains, and vegetables up to 75% of the meal. It will increase fibre intake and the growth of good gut bacteria.

·         Fermented foods:

Ensure to use some fermented foods. These include yoghurt, miso, kefir, kimchi, and tempeh, which contain probiotic microorganisms. Searches indicate the anti-obesity effects of kimchi. Other than this, searches also indicate the role of kefir in weight loss.

6.      Getting a good night’s sleep

Many studies indicate that taking 5-6 hours of night sleep leads to obesity. It is because of many reasons.

Improper or poor-quality sleep slows the process of converting calories into energy. This process is called metabolism. So, with a slow metabolism, the body stores unused energy in the form of fat.

Other than this, improper sleep leads to improved insulin resistance. It then increases cortisol and boosts fast storage.

However, long sleep affects appetite-controlling hormones such as ghrelin and leptin. These then send signals of fullness to the brain.


Remember, there is no fast method to lose weight. However, you may manage your weight by considering the above methods. Ensure that you take a nutritional and balanced diet. These must include fruits, vegetables, grains and protein. Other than this, stick to exercises and regularly do it for 30 minutes.

Also, if you are looking to approach the best weight loss program for belly fat, then buy an Eat Without Guilt expert dietician guide plan. Ready to start your fitness journey to reduce belly fat and step up into a healthy lifestyle?

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